SOC Opatija, in partnership with the Union of SOC Croatia, applied to the Call for Proposals in the field of EU Information and Citizen Participation in the “Conference on the Future of Europe” with the aim of increasing knowledge and skills of children and young people in Croatia about the European Union, its values ​​and policies for active participation in democratic processes at the level of the European Union.


The project will support the work of NEF Croatia, by increasing the knowledge and skills of children (NEF members) and mentors about the European Union through joint education on children’s rights and active children’s participation, the European Union, children’s rights in digital environment, and increase the knowledge needed for creative, critical and safe use of the Internet. The learned knowledge will be disseminated to other children by the councilors of the Children’s Councils and their mentors.

The project will contribute to the development of children’s democratic awareness, encourage their active and effective participation in the development of democratic relations in the local community and society, at national and EU level, based on the principles of human dignity, democracy, justice and peace, democratic culture.

The realization of the rights of the child is an indicator of the development of democratic relations in society and the readiness of society to enable the young generation to develop optimally and to be included in all social processes. By encouraging the involvement and active participation of children in the public life of our local community and on a larger scale, we teach children to notice the conditions and needs of children in the environment in which they live and publicly express their opinions and suggestions, advocate for decisions, programs and other measures the position of children in society and in favor of faster and better realization of the rights and needs of children.

The project will include children and adults from underdeveloped and deprived areas (County of Brodsko-Posavska, County of Krapinsko-zagorska and the City of Čabar) as a dislocated area in the extreme northwestern part of Gorski Kotar.


  • Educational interactive workshops for children and young people in the online environment “Children, let’s meet Europe”
  • Online trainings for mentors “Let’s get to know children’s Europe”
  • Online meeting of NEF Croatia representatives with Eurochild representatives and NEF members from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Malta, Estonia “Let’s share our experience and knowledge”
  • Organization of the NEF Croatia meeting
  • Art and literary competition „Europe through children’s eyes” intended for children from 5 to 15 years
  • Publication on children’s participation in the European Union