Croatia is a country where about 6% of the youth is involved in volunteer work, which is an extremely low percentage. If you are a student of psychology, pedagogy, preschool education, teaching, social work, or study near our association, you can join the work of our organization and become a volunteer of the Society “Our Children” Opatija! Our doors are open to all young people of good will and big heart who want and can contribute to the work of our association! It is possible to volunteer in our actions and at our events (Mića marunada, Opatija and Lovran Children’s Day, Children’s Week, Family searches for Opatija’s treasure or Christmas magic; weekly in our activities, eg Workshop playroom “Hummingbirds” intended for children with disabilities; you can also help our elementary school students master the school curriculum and much, much more.


Education of volunteers for volunteering in our association, introduction to the mission and goals of the association, code of ethics and child protection policy, lectures / workshops on communication skills needed to work with children, lectures on group and individual work, psychophysical development of children and expressive techniques with children.

Additional education which continues the training of volunteers and which is already an integral part of the system of care for volunteers. Lectures that expand the scope of basic education and are designed as support and additional assistance to our volunteers during the year, which increases their motivation and willingness to work and professionally train them to a greater extent than the initial education.
In addition, additional education benefits volunteers themselves in their professional education and development of professional skills. Some of the previous educations are: “Creative techniques in working with children”; “Introduction to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child”, “Right leisure time”, “From idea to project”, etc.

Supervisions that we strive to provide volunteers with ongoing assistance in cases that are difficult for them or situations for which they are unable to decide for themselves how they should react.

SOC Opatija regularly organizes supervision meetings that are mandatory for all volunteers, and they are conducted by an expert team of supervisors who prepare the contents and topics of supervision meetings. This team is special in that former SOC Opatija volunteers participate in it, people who are well acquainted with our work and know well the problems that volunteers face.

Another benefit of supervision is the exchange of experiences of the volunteers themselves-these activities are open workshops where a moderated discussion of experiences and problems improves the internal cohesion of the group, agrees on common solutions to specific problems, works on interpersonal relationships and exchanges ideas and suggestions for improvement. work. It is very important that the volunteer belongs to his / her supervisory group, which contributes to the feeling of trust in the group and openness in the conversation with the supervisor. Each group meets once a month and changes in the members that make up the group are minimal.

Professional literature through which volunteers can be further educated and strengthened for professional topics that they encounter in their work, and whose knowledge is important to them for work in the profession in the future. Professional literature is available in our library, and we also write monthly topics for volunteers depending on the issues that volunteers encounter in their work.

Volunteer gatherings and a monthly newsletter with which we try to connect volunteers, encourage mutual cooperation, support and exchange of experiences!