CHILDREN’S FORUMS (Lovran, Opatija, Dobreć)

Free activity of children through which they learn about their rights and duties. Founded in 1994.

Initiator and advocate of children's rights - Dr. Emil Paravina

Dr. Emil Paravina, long – time secretary of the Union of Societies „Our children“ Croatia, actively participated in writing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. He contributed to the creation of articles that related to children’s play and leisure time.Participating in the work of expert groups that prepared from 1985 to 1988 the proposal of the text of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child our Emil started to think how to shape a new children’s activity with the contents of the rights of the child and education for peace. He said that in children we need to encourage interests, habits and tastes for the constructive and cultural free time. He taught me how play is an essential part of life, very important for child development. How everyone who loves life, nature and games.The rights of the child are an extremely important area, placed in the context of the world current issue of human rights. They imply the quality of life of modern man, the child of whom they are assumptions realization of the idea of peace in the world and education for mutual understanding and international cooperation.

Projects and campaigns:
  • Playgrounds – the right and need of every child – Millennium Youth, 2000, Canada award
  • Velebit degenia and griffon vulture – Royal awards foundation, 2002, Netherlands award
  • Children are citizens of Europe – Euronet campaign, 2004, Belgium
  • A Child Friendly City, Europe in the Palm of a Forum, 2005
  • Homeless children, 2006
  • Tapori – children in the fight against poverty in the world, 2006-2012, Switzerland
  • The Right to Santa Claus, Let’s Play Together Traveling Europe, 2008
  • Quality children’s toy, 2009
  • Soccer ball for African children, 2010
  • Flat Stanly – children friends in the world, 2011
  • Children’s Forum on the European Union, 2012
  • Campaign support: Stand up for your rights! OP3 CRC, 2013
  • The Rights of the Girl, Children’s Right to Peace in the World, 2014
  • Campaign support: Decide to be the “Champion of Children’s Rights”, 2014
  • Euroforumas Travel, 2015
  • Campaign support: The crime is not mine, but the punishment is!, 2016
  • Children’s rights and sustainable development, 2017
  • Together with the children of the world, 2018
  • Poverty in the World, Vote for Children, 2019
  • Children’s Rights and the COVID Pandemic 19, 2020