Society “Our children“ Opatija has been actively promoting the values ​​of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child through the work of its Children’s Forums and the Children’s City Council of the City of Opatija for three decades. Within the Info corner on children’s rights of the Society “Our Children” Opatija, find out more about children’s participation, children’s rights and active children’s participation activities that we carry out with children and for children.


Councilors of the Children’s City Council of the City of Opatija and members of the Children’s Forum have been actively involved in the international peer research project on child participation of the Child to child Trust; research of stereotypes and prejudices of children towards other national groups within the project Children and Youth Do Not Recognize the Borders of the Union of Societies “Our children” of Croatia; a survey of children’s views on how the government spends money of the Center for Children’s Rights at Queen’s Belfast University, and the results collected were forwarded to the UN Human Rights Committee.

We participated in an online survey called “Europe kids want” with the aim of collecting the views of children and young people about the future. The survey was the result of a joint initiative of Eurochild and UNICEF. It covers topics: family, school, society and attitudes about Europe. The results of the survey were announced at a special session in the European Parliament on November 20th – Children’s Rights Day – which was attended by councilors of the XI. convocation of CCC Opatija with other delegations of children and youth from several European countries.

Then, we participated in the conference on the adoption of the Bucharest Declaration on Children’s Participation in Decision-Making and Policy Making, 12th, 13th and 14th Forum on the Rights of the Child, adoption of the Strategy on the Rights of the Child, translation of the European Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

Members of the 2nd convocation of NEF of Croatia and XIII. and XIV. convocations of the Children’s City Council of the City of Opatija participated in the following researches:

Child Poverty Report, by Eurochild organization, Outcome indicators for measuring children’s participation (CPAT, within the CP4Europe project), by Eurochild organization and Council of Europe, Inclusive Social Protection, by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, EU Survey-survey, EU Platform for Children’s Participation, Protection of Children from Violence, Campaign for 75 years of human rights, by Child Rights Connect.


  1.  Eurochild organization (a network of organizations and individuals working across Europe to promote the rights and well-being of children and young people based in Brussels. Eurochild has 176 full members in 34 European countries. A total of 23 national networks of children’s rights organizations are National Partnership Networks).
  2. Child Rights Connect organization (an international organization of non-governmental groups for the Convention on the Rights of the Child NGO Child Rights Connect based in Geneva.)
  3. Tapori (an organization that fights poverty and social exclusion among children and youth in the world. The headquarters of the organization is in Geneva).
  4. Netzkraft Movement (a network of individuals and organizations working for the common good in the field of human rights, ecology, politics, social change, etc. Currently, the network has more than 3400 members. The organization is headquartered in Germany).
  5. Mediterranean Children’s Movement (an active network of Mediterranean Organisations and Individuals working to empower children and minors in the region).
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